Ethereal Beauty + Wellness is a holistic apothecary and spiritual  botanica specializing in curated bundles of herbal blends, healing elixirs, and spiritual tools for earth-based healing and to reconnect the ancestral roots of the Black diaspora. Our Black/African ancestors and other indigenous lineages carried the wisdom of herbal healing with them as they were forcibly removed from their homelands. This wisdom still runs deep in our DNA. Tapping into the ancestral wisdom of identifying, foraging, preparing healing concoctions for physical, mental, and spiritual healing is a form of liberation, becoming free from indoctrination that has driven some to depend on pharmaceutical medicine as the only form of healing.


Ethereal Beauty + Wellness is rooted in the personal health journey of founder, Paris, who experienced significant changes in physical health through herbal healing. Routine unbearable cramps, extreme fatigue, and nausea were eliminated by switching from conventional medication to holistic healing. Healing by way of mindful eating, herbal decoctions, aromatherapy, acupressure, and breathwork sprouted interest in others around me to heal themselves holistically. Through our holistic wellness products, we act as a guide, showing others how to use herbs and roots for mind, body, and soul while educating about the cultural significance of ancestral healing.

We exist to handcraft high quality and effective herbal products including tea blends, aromatherapy sprays, herbal baths, and spiritual cleansing and protection tools. We also offer holistic consultations to assist others in making practical holistic changes in their daily living. We are committed to sourcing honest ingredients, fostering community through access to holistic healing spaces, and advocating for the liberation of the African diaspora. Support us today by shopping our collection and joining our community on Instagram @etherealbeautywellness!




Self-proclaimed global citizen, raised in the South, by way of North Carolina, I was introduced to the healing magic of herbs and holistic mediums as a teenager using herbal blends to relieve painful menstrual cycles and managing anxiety with crystal therapy and spending time in nature.

With success in my personal wellness journey and years of experience as a beauty consultant and makeup artist, it was my focus to give Black women the confidence to enhance their beauty while educating about products and ingredients that are healthful for our skin and bodies. Finding true purpose in helping those who look like me reconnect with their true essence through earth-based healing is the driving force that blossomed into Ethereal Beauty + Wellness.